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Hallo, I`m Xylona du Coeur Poilu, called LOLO!

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I was born in August 97 in Nehmten, my breeder is Dr. Eiser, like my friend Montventoux.

He is fauve and I`m black – now – but I think I will change my colour to grey like my mother Giovanna du Coeur Poilu. My father, Into van de Ridderweide is an international champion and he is fauve. So it is possible to get black and fauve babies with Montventoux – maybe next summer.

Susan and Martin went to Austria with me in June. At this time I was 10 month old. Dr. Eiser wants to breed with me and my sister Xia. But after some phone calls I could go to Austria. There, they need good female. Now I`m here and I have to learn a lot. I will spend a lot of time at the dog training place. Also I go with Martin to his company or with Susan to her veterinary ordination. It is new and very interesting.

Now I will tell you very good news! My hips are wonderful. The X-ray shows my hips and they are HD-free! I`m so happy!

My eyes are free of PRA, and I `m also CSNB - free! So all the puppies I have with Montventoux are free of CSNB!

On May, 10th, I got 9 babies, 4 male ( 1 black, 3 tawny ) and 5 female ( 2 black and 3 tawny) . All are very beautiful, have a very good colour ( very red ), very goog pigment and are very funny! You can see them here!

Now Susan will start working with me - I shall make the working title SCHH 1 this year!

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Please contact me: xylona@briards.at

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